Moe’s Marvelous Munchies – Wet Food


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Get a free copy of “Moe’s Marvelous Munchies” Wet Food Recipe, a popular vegan dog food recipe. The recipe includes an ingredient list, full-color photos, and step-by-step instructions. To download, please check your spam folder and ensure the download link is emailed to you. The file is intended for personal home use and should not be distributed. Adobe Reader is the gold standard PDF reader, essential for any computer or mobile device.

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FREE COPY “Moe’s Marvelous Munchies ” Wet Food Recipe

Get a free copy of our most popular dog food recipe, contains ingredient list, full color photos and step by step instructions.

This recipe is part of our coming vegan dog food cookbook, we are offering this a free sample to pre-promote the book.


Please note the software requirements for downloading the file in the notes below. The download link will be emailed to you in your receipt, so please look out for it.

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The file is intended solely for your personal home use, so in accordance with copyright laws, we ask that you do not distribute the file. If you wish to share with friends, please ask them to download their own copy of the file.

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