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“Elevate your kitchen with our Dog Lovers Tea Towel! Featuring a delightful Doggie design by Heather Anderson, this boutique linen tea towel is the perfect gift for any canine enthusiast.

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm

With every purchase, you’re supporting our Samui stray sterilizing program. And the fun doesn’t end – kids can enjoy coloring these towels with fabric markers.

Price: $20 AUD, includes FREE Australia Wide shipping.

Artist Heather Anderson’s passion for creativity and animal welfare shines through her designs.

Upgrade your kitchen decor with a touch of canine charm. Get your Dog Lovers Tea Towel now!”

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Boutique Linen Tea Towel from Rob’s Dogs, featuring a cool Doggie design by Heather Anderson. The perfect gift for any Dog lover.

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm

All of the money raised from the sale of these tea towels goes to our Samui stray sterilizing program.
Great holiday fun for kids – grab some fabric markers & let the kids colour them in!

This link is only for Australian purchases – if you are in Thailand & would like one please email us: admin@robsdogs.net.au

Australian price $20 including FREE Australia Wide shipping.

Heather Anderson –Artist, designer, and writer: Do what you love and you can’t help but bring out the best in yourself. That’s Heather’s mantra and she lives it through all her creative pursuits today. At the age of 17 Heather chose Art School over the more traditionally accepted academic route of the time much to the disappointment of well-meaning career advisors. “You’ll end up being a struggling artist living in an attic,” was the general concern. So she opted for a career in graphic design, the next best thing, and left her true passion tucked away in notebooks and sketchpads under her bed until much later in life. Her journey eventually took her from a tiny village in Scotland to an ever-evolving Asia, where she explored a new world filled with rich cultural nuances and insights. Asia is where those notebooks and sketchpads finally resurfaced and turned into paintings, illustrations, children’s books, jewellery design and a deep desire to use her creative talents to help animals in need. Although Heather still has a full-time job in the Design industry, she spends her spare time in nature, connecting with birds, animals and particularly elephants, creating inspired art and magical stories. Her vision is to use her art and children’s books to educate and encourage positive treatment of elephants and other animals, and to help raise funds to rescue and protect them on an ongoing basis.


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