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Rob's Dogs Thailand Bank Account

Rob's Dogs Australia Bank Account

For Australians:

“For Australian residents, kindly forward your deposit confirmation to admin@robsdogs.net.au to receive your tax receipt.”

“Make a one off our recurring donation: Your Donation nurtures our Lifesaving Mission.”

"Alternative (Zero-Fee) Donation Methods"

“For more ways to support us, check out these options below”

Paws & Paintbrushes

Art in Mind, Rob’s Dogs, and Sisters on Samui present an event celebrating creativity, compassion, and change. Paws and Paintbrushes warm hearts and inspire young artists while making a difference in animal lives.

Kids of all ages, pick up your brushes and explore your inner artist. Paint pictures capturing our loyal furry friends’ essence.

Art by young talents will be auctioned at the Sisters on Samui Christmas Bazaar on December 16th. Half of the proceeds empower young artists, fostering achievement.

Save the Date: December 16th – Mark your calendar for the Sisters on Samui Christmas Bazaar. Join us in painting a brighter future for animals. Your support leaves a lasting pawprint.

Lily Blaze

“Lilly Blaze: An Australian Social Enterprise with a Purpose.

Presenting Eco-friendly dog waste bags that make a positive impact!

Lilly Blaze dog waste bags go beyond eco-friendliness; they enhance the lives of dogs worldwide.

When you purchase a roll of Lilly Blaze dog waste bags, 50% of profits are contributed to both local and international animal shelters.

With each purchase, you’re contributing to both environmental conservation and a cause you care about deeply.

By using our purchase link, you’re directly supporting us with 50% of the profits!”

52 Week Donation Challenge

Engage in a straightforward and enjoyable journey. Begin in the new financial year with a $1 donation to Rob’s Dogs. Then, every subsequent week, elevate your contribution by just $1. By the 52nd week, your donation will reach $52.

Through this progressive effort, your total contributions will amount to $1,378. Plus, you’ll receive a timely tax receipt, aligning perfectly with your next tax return. Encourage your friends to join you and make an enduring impact on the lives of animals in need.”

Workplace Giving

“Experience a Secure and Effortless Method of Donating to Rob’s Dogs.

Opt for a contribution from your pre-tax income, reducing your overall cost. We receive the post-tax equivalent, maximizing the impact of your donation. If your employer offers donation matching, your contribution is effectively doubled!

Explore the link for comprehensive details.”


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